Reach Your Potential

RYP Crate ActivityLearn, Lead and Grow is the motto of Reach Your Potential programs.

Reaching potential requires both competence and confidence.   Reach Your Potential programs focus on inspiring students through a series of challenging outdoor adventure activities.   Students work together to solve problems, make decisions and stretch their boundaries.   Achievements are celebrated and group management skills are developed.

These customized programs enhance confidence and build teams and leaders.  Participants learn about themselves, each other, and how to work effectively.   Reach Your Potential is a field trip with a purpose.


A Far Reaching Impact

HavingFunWithMentorsReach Your Potential programs not only enhance individual students, but also impact a school’s community.  Studies have shown that an array of non-academic issues can positively influence students, staff and school performance.  Among them:

  •  Peer relations
  •  Interpersonal problem solving ability
  •  Social skills development
  •  Feeling of belonging
  •  Sense of Community

Program Considerations

Our Reach Your Potential Program designs vary depending upon the following considerations:

Length of Program:  Half Day, Full Day or Multi-Day
Location:  Our Site or School Site, Indoor or Outdoor
Type of Challenge:  Low Course and/or High Course
Age of Participants:  4th Grade – 12th Grade
Size of Group:  12-200

Contact us to discuss your budget and focus of your visit.  We will create a program especially for you.