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  • READ WITH ME PROGRAM 2015-2016
    The Read with Me Program has started in First Grade at Perry Harrison Elementary! Our community and parent volunteers have received training and clearance and are very excited about reading with their students. Volunteers will be meeting with their student each week to share great literature, engage in thought-provoking conversations and enjoy their very special one-on-one time together.
    Chatham Girls 4 STEM is well on its' way at Horton Middle School. Monthly STEM Saturdays are being offered to Horton middle school girls in 5th - 7th grades. Our March 2015 event featured Techsplorers, an engineering-focused enrichment program. The girls learned soldering skills, assembled an electronic pencil that plays music while drawing and developed confidence through high wire adventures. Techsplorers will be returning on May 9, 2015 to inspire Horton girls with more hands-on engineering activities. Thank you to the Galloway Ridge Charitable Fund for assistance with funding this valuable program.